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I see you’re wearing your hair differently today. I want to tell you it looks nice as I’m setting up my heart monitor before I jump on the treadmill. It’s growing out. I like it. I see you’re calm and trying your hardest after that talk about self-control last week. […]

My Brother

Six years ago, my family and I traveled downtown to cheer on my older brother in his first triathlon. The bright sun shone down upon the buzzing crowds. After parking, we made our way down towards the lake to catch the corralled swimmers free stroking their way through the choppy […]

Reciprocal Love

My Pan surprised me fairly recently. She didn’t tell me she wrote it, but when I stumbled upon it on her blog, I was moved to tears. My sweet niece is hundreds of miles away, but always near and dear in my heart. I’m thinking of her today, so I […]


Hoping to get ahead, I called my son. I spent the previous hour working out. The temperature had dropped to the mid-20s and I was so looking forward to a cup of hot coffee. He’s never used the coffee maker, but I’ll walk him through it. Just then, I noticed […]

Little Red Running Hood

Day One. The boys started with a timed mile at their track tryout. After stretches, we opened the doors from the gym to the back fields and a gust of chilly March air hit us hard, piercing our lungs. We quickened our step to almost a slow jog to the […]

Little King, in a Ditch

“Little King, Honoring God…” When she was pregnant with our youngest brother, my Mom would tell everyone she came across the meaning of his name. He’s the baby of the family. There’s six of us kids, with a seven year gap between him and the fifth. So while I like […]


A favorite of mine once said, “Imagine a four pane window. In the first pane is what others know about you; how they see you. The second is what you think others know about you. The third, is what God knows about you and finally the fourth window; The fourth […]

Cracks and Gaps

My friend posted a picture of her smile on Facebook yesterday. It is a cropped photo of just her smile. Full lips and her bright pearly whites, showcasing her wide gap in her front two teeth. It is beautiful. More striking is a comment she made in response to someone […]


“The world is little, people are little, human life is little. There is only one big thing — desire.” ― Willa Cather, The Song of the Lark We are learning our talents.  I like to think of it that way. It’s a lifelong endeavor. Forever setting the bar higher, pushing […]

Ale Ale Ocean, Free

I don’t know if I can pick a favorite type, but I do adore a particular kind of person.  I think I gravitate towards and am so captivated by them because they seem to exude sincerity. I love unapologetic folks. Rash and raw. Awkward skips in the beat. That’s my […]