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come lay with me, and let’s get lost in a drift. A ditch of hearts marked hundred miles wide. Let’s stare a while, and think of the stretch that led me to you. The mile markers that guided hearts to true. come walk with me, and let’s sow fields to […]


How can I protect you? Shield you in a bubble.  A plastic bottle rocket of care, fully encapsulated shelter, free of fear or hurtful foe? Can I tight wrap you in my love and will it shield you from pain? Bubble wrap you in well-being and self-esteem enhancing machines, pumping […]


There was a soldier. He was keen and lean. Finger tips to touch trees. Lanky, but firm. Carried his heart in his sleeve. Pressed and protected. Always set to undress at a moment’s request. On an undertaking of survival. Further than, he desired to be filled. To be filled with […]

Swept Away

You and I. Overlapped, intersected instants. Traversed, threads of space. Trapeze swingers, swung separately in suspended flight. Hung on a thin line of transparent time. Within grip, lingered. Parallel positions, tip toe prints, soft patterns. A passing breeze. Glancing ever, over when within the resting dust of life and loss […]


From there to here. I walk unto the plane, noticing the chipped blue paint on the exterior as I amble past the threshold.  Greet the flight attendant with a polite, quiet smile, taking in her thick glasses and disheveled hair. Turning the corner, single file, my eyes search for overhead […]

You’re It

While walking down the hallway “Mr. Clean,” custodian, Lee mentions, “Hey ya, looks like ya got a little bounce in your step today. What ya got in those shoes?” I laugh and say something kind of incoherent about my rubber soles while I’m walking past. Maybe I was. Bouncing. Later […]

Get a Clue

“Are we going to play Clue now?” “Yes, hold on. I just have to write something first.” I sit down on the couch next to him. “No. nononono. You said you were going to play with me.” “I said we would. You had your homework. We just ate. We can […]