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I see you’re wearing your hair differently today. I want to tell you it looks nice as I’m setting up my heart monitor before I jump on the treadmill. It’s growing out. I like it.

I see you’re calm and trying your hardest after that talk about self-control last week. I notice in your eyes you’re staring at me discerningly, reacting decisively to the temptations around the classroom. I’m proud of you. It’s appreciated.

I see you’ve been practicing your speech for declamation. I can imagine you reciting it in the mirror the past few days. The way you’ve rehearsed your hand gestures; the moments you accentuate for emphasis. It’s working. I feel your words.

I see the frustration in your eyes. I hope you sense my empathy and concern, as you walk away from a disappointing phone call with a parent and have to transition so quickly back to monitoring your students at lunch. I see your tear rimmed eyes. You are brave.

I see you’re eyeing me with disdain as we plank on the gym floor. This practice, we’re taking it up a notch. I notice the frustration as you struggle to hold your position. I hope you have the will to succeed. You are your greatest opposition.

I hear you, over the phone. Your allergies are acting up. I want to pick you up and enclose you in a bubble, like John Travolta, but I know your father just gave you medicine and you are resting.  I know I have to trust that he has it under control.

Captured moments, passed. Left unsaid.

Impressions made.

“If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is; infinite.”

-William Blake

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5 replies

  1. I love this collection of impressions–so much going on behind the scenes as well as in real time. This gave me a little inspiration for a similar idea–thanks!

  2. Its been a super crazy month, and unfortunately, I haven’t’ been as present as I normally would be. I have missed too many of your slices, but fully intend to come back and read each and every one. You are one of my greatest inspirations as a writer, and that will always be true.

  3. Nicely done. So many little moments where you were impacted by empathy and stayed quiet. It’s a skill that kind of strength, to let people fight their own fights and push past little challenges. Lovely little slice 🙂

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