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Big Green Quitter

Slice of Life 3: My plant is dying, and frankly, I’m sick of its poor me attitude. The three little ones are fighters, but the big guy, it seems, has just given up on life. How can you save someone who doesn’t want to save themself? I‘ve tried really hard […]


Slice of Life 2: We were sitting in Lindsay’s basement. Yellow Christmas lights hung loosely from the ceiling and dimly illuminated the crowded room… the small room adorned with Rat Pack posters and a life size cut out of Marilyn Monroe. Justin’s drum set sat in the center.  It was […]

Slice of Life 1: We’re driving down 143rd street, en route to Dr. French’s office. Michael had just recently attained, “shot gun,” status in our car. I was thankful. I began to feel a little, “Driving Miss Daisy,” with Michael being in third grade. He’s always been a big boy. […]