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I lie staring, looking up at the dark skyline.

The sky sits fixed and lit. A draped lavender shade landscape. Smooth.  Orange smoky beams pierce down upon me amid the sleek amethyst plane, radiating from heightened street lights. The blanketed horizon is littered with fast falling checkered specks; ropy throws of feathery snow rapidly piling down upon the earth. The moment lasts a few seconds, but stands still frame frozen; my wake up call of the week.

It was 4:30 am. I left the house in a rush to make my 5 am workout. I was wearing my boots because it was snowing and of course you can’t bring wet running shoes into the gym.  I drove four blocks from the house and glanced over to my passenger seat to see my towel, water bottle, and change purse. No shoes. Shit. 14 minutes til class begins. Ah yes, my running shoes were tucked snugly in a bag from last night when coaching at my son’s volleyball practice, in which I also courteously wore my snow boots to the gym. This bag was slung on the door handle in my front foyer. Lovely.

I take a quick left, genuflecting politely, albeit slightly maybe a little illegally, at the two proceeding stop signs. Zoom through the church parking lot. Pause, another quick left up to my house. Keep the car running. It’ll be quicker, I think to myself.

I hastily step out with my left leg into the open air and catapult from the car. Four big leaps, making my way around the back end and my mind suddenly computes, Hey, you locked the front door and NEED those keys, you dummy.

Without hesitation, I whirl hastily to my right. And ka BOOM.

Legs flew.

Zip airborne leg, za bracing hand, zoom left hip crashes and plants into icy pavement.

I lie staring, looking up at the dark skyline.

My right hand attempted to catch. Middle finger, oddly, yet fittingly, the only maimed appendage.

And I stayed, lying there for a few seconds. I may have stayed sprawled out in the middle of the street a little longer and taken a few more breaths, appreciated the skyline a bit longer, but I had a class to catch, so alas, I stood up. I hobbled my way back to the car to retrieve my keys. Stumbled up the pathway, back into the warm house and pick up the dumb bag, who I now had open contempt for, for having been the scapegoat catalyst of my fall. Then I hop, skip, limp my way back out into cold. I start the car and drive.




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