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Go Van Gogh


When I think of it I think of a Van Gogh painting. Walking through a field of gold and haze.  Mischievous dandelion drifts dance and churn under painted stars, hastily cresting through a mosaic of crystalline sky. It’s dusk. The reaching wheat fields bend in oceanic waves, undulating in rhythmic flow; brushstrokes of amber cascades rippling with each impressionistic breeze. The air is different.

I’m in it. I’m here, in this frozen horizon of painted sky. The rise and fall sways of sketched meadow scratch my legs with each step. It’s real here. I breath it in and a spark inspires me to run. My hands graze the soft, bleached peaks of wheat as energy builds and my pace quickens. A renewed perspective. An upside down, two dimensional scene to be picked up, observed, dropped or discarded.

There is no right answer. No precise direction or predetermined destination. Joy illuminates within. The space is truth, unapologetic you.  Radiating like Van Gogh glow, creativity is meant to stream, colorfully akin to dandelion drifts and cascading fields. It breathes. Visions adrift in dream. Until you wake, give yourself permission, and allow it to be free.

Go Van Gogh, go.

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  1. Ah! That first paragraph. So descriptive and poetic. Classic you.
    I’m so happy to see you back slicing again. I can always look forward to reading your slices before bed! It’s a great way to end my slice reading. Looking forward to March my friend.

  2. Go Van Gogh, go…
    and she’s GONE (you know, if there were like women White Sox players).

    Goddamn I love it when I see your brain just pour out like this! Your words are whirl of color and dream. It’s what drew me to you as a fan of your writing, and then as your friend. For starts, I’m so glad to see you here again. And then, I’m kind of crept out that my boys and I have been reading a cool little picture book dedicated to a Van Gogh painting ALL WEEK before going to bed. It’s short and whimsical. Silly almost, with little words but so very painterly. You’d love it. Speaking of love, my fav line (besides the end), “A renewed perspective. An upside down, two dimensional scene to be picked up, observed, dropped or discarded.” Let that be March in a nutshell and the truthful mantra behind every worthy creative endeavor. 😉

  3. So happy you are here. Of course it goes without saying I love this. Enough said!! 🙂

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