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Plank you Very Much

At the end of the 50 minute cycle, with a face full of purple, I began to celebrate the countdown clock’s show of 00:00, Zero. Zero minutes left. 50 well spent.

Then she announces, “Alright, let’s bring it to a plank.”

Oh, uh-huh. I think with an eye roll and a smile.  Kind of evil, but fine, I’m game.

Surrendering to the order and getting down to my knees, I slowly brought myself to a push up position with my forearms flush with the floor.  After 50 minutes of joggin, sprinting, squatting, crunching, don’t forget the lifting and kicking, it all comes down to this. Literally, down, level to the ground.

I stare meditatively at my clasped hands in front of me. Feel the sweat that’s been building begin to drip. The burn of my abs, my feet begin to slip. Legs shake slightly, then I feel a rush come over me. An epiphany that I have 30 seconds left. I’m overcome with a warm sensation. Feeling  every muscle in my body tighten, an expression of gratitude for the acknowledgment of their existence. I make a conscious decision to flex tighter, to embrace and feel every muscle I can. I straighten my posture, widen my stance.

And then I began to laugh. I thanked God right there and then. With a purple face and sweaty dazed grace, I thanked the Universe and people I love. I laughed again, acknowledging the slightly insane moment of clarity. I celebrated that I had the energy to be there, sweating and strengthening after a strenuous day.  I felt strong. As I went through my thank yous in my mind, the clock counted down.  10, 9, 8…I actually shook my head with grin, realizing I bizarrely wanted more time.

Then we were free.  I exhaled deeply. Got down into the hare pose, then upward cobra. And all sorts of yoga I don’t knowvas. I went with the flow and unwound. Mindful of my breathing.

I sat up and I glanced into the mirror, taking in my reflection. I looked a mess. Sweat pouring. Face completely flushed, with wild, tousled hair falling rebelliously out of my pony tail in all directions.

And then I thought, beautiful.  This is beautiful me, plank you very much.

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  1. Love this…My favorite line: “Face completely flushed, with wild, tousled hair falling rebelliously out of my pony tail in al direction. And then I thought, beautiful.” Absolutely! I’m super proud of you for killing that amazingly awful workout…and what a cruel teacher to force a plank on you at the very end! haha

  2. Now you’re gonna start talking about burpees or something I bet. 😉 I’m in awe of both the writing and the sheer determination to better oneself that just shines out of this piece.

  3. Impressed. Sympathetic. Jealous. Connected. So many feelings I had while reading. I see my mom who has such trouble walking and I think to myself, I need to walk more! I am so grateful for my two feet – I need to work them more. Those feelings came flooding back to me as I read your slice. Good one -really good one!!

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