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how a rock can steer a course. A blockage manning the unabashed force. From the sheer blazon boldness of pillar, arises a mysterious  source.  An energy unknown before. Born of a chore. A sigh, an ache, a sorrowful break.

Velvet mourning flows past maroon moss drifts. Through the slits. Waving in the breaks. The cracks. The grit split gash. Filters through. Clearing. Passing and processing the route. Foam and bubbles beyond the bed’s creek. Spitting and gasping for a peek. Eyes on sky as undertow sneaks.

On the brief blue of open air. Until sand’s shore is within reach.  Bruised and broken upon a coast.

Open and wide.

funny, how a rock carried you here.

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  1. Chills. For real. I read this twice in a row and was overcome with chills. Honestly, to me it feels maternal, and very gracious. “An energy unknown before. Born of a chore. A sigh, an ache, a sorrowful break.” The rock could represent anything, or nothing. It could just be a rock and this is the most poetic exploration of land chunks. With you though, it’s usually more. Regardless, it rocks 😉

  2. Wow! Powerful and provocative!!! . I found myself wondering it the rock is meant meant literally. My mind floating back to a rock quote I once heard in the movie, “Legends of the Fall” …twirled with it’s own possibilities. Finally, I chose to believe that in this slice it is literal……at least to some extent. ” funny I thought,, “how a rock carried you here.” Only you, my friend.

  3. The rock’s interpretation is up for your subjective grab, Darling Dar. 🙂 … In my mindspace, I was exploring the irony in how the weight of a seemingly heavy burden (rock?) strengthens you, “carrying,” you, “steering,” you to where/ or exactly who you are meant to be. Figuratively, I am water and those rocks and bumps and jagged jumps steered me to today. Sky’s open wide with possibility. Guess I’m feelin thankful. 🙂

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