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Rise up

(this one’s for my angels)


You may have been the one who sat with me in a dream. The one who prayed for me. The one who dropped flowers on my desk. Wrote me that check. Sent me that text.  Maybe you were the one who whispered that you were proud of me. The one that stepped in between. Perhaps it was you who intervened. The one who placed the thought this could be. Maybe it was you, who held me while I cried. Who told me ftp, acknowledged how I tried.  Maybe you orchestrated that song while we sprang under stars. Preparing the way of softening hearts. Maybe it is your wild artistic spirit that inspires me. Driving in the night. Your smile that I see. You may have been the one that guided me. Who dropped off that gift. Who sent me that playlist. The one who laid down the tile. Built the bridge. Persuaded that smile. Maybe it was you who loved me, my Angel, all the while.

For you (all)

I am so exceedingly thankful.

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  1. I can’t find words for this. What are words for this??? Hold please. I mean, shhhhh…
    I’m all lumped up in the throat in how you wrote this so flawlessly. It’s a grateful times infinity wrapped up in words that scream divine. Like this brings tears to my eyes knowing some of these, having heard stories… you know what I’m saying. You took so many references here and threaded them in the most delicate way. I can’t even…
    I can feel how this flowed from you and I’m humbled that’s it’s perfection. The whole thing, the meaningfulness, all of it… For no apparent reason other than my own interaction with this, I’m swimming in the beginning of Adam Ant’s opening in my head when I read this .Did I tell you you’re wonderful, I miss you, yes I do 😉

  2. Ahhhh yes, Angels…….I’m a huge believer, recipient, and love how beautifully you’ve chosen to honor them. The purity of your gratitude shines through your words, encompassing all who’ve contributed to your life. As I read this, I find myself exceedingly thankful too. Thank you for this loving reminder……I am grateful for my angels too.

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