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Queen Bunny Leaps

We swayed in a maroon hammock, like pirates on a tempest sea. Sailing and gliding, until our intermingled bodies would feel the sharp jerk of gravity’s grip.

Back and forth we swung. The moon shone overhead onto the house. We were covered by wooden beams, caramel colored with a ceiling fan in between. The open air breeze hitting our cheeks. Stars peeked quietly through hazes of cloud as yelps of laughter pierced the March air. We toasted to the night, cheers with our wine glasses, two apples juices and two red blends.

The little ones went inside to get coats and find flashlights.

Oh Little Llew.  I watched as your petite red coat with white fringe disappeared down the back porch steps, into the night. Much like your elusive smile fades from sight when you are guarded. Firework King raced behind you. You looked like fireflies from a distance, you know. In the blackness of the night, your flashlights danced, bouncing erratically with each spring and leap. We watched you with smiles from the lit porch. We heard your calls for us to join. And we smiled some more. I stepped off the porch first and ran towards the twirling flutter.

Bouncing under the starry night, Me and Julio Down by the School Yard, blasted from the speakers into the air, which smelled of burnt leaves. We jumped to the beat…I’m on my waydon’t know where I’m going… In my oversized hoodie, I followed your lead. We ran in circles and showed our tricks, until exhaustion left us lying flat on our backs, breathing heavy breaths. Staring into the stars.

And I watched you as you gazed into the night. I noticed when you snuggled into my side, holding up the phone to see the constellations and find Venus, the Great Dipper, and then Sirius, the brightest star. Your curious eyes lit up. Even in the darkness of the night, I felt this. Your heart unlocked just a bit. Just enough to allow me to hold the phone with you. Just enough to stay and watch the stars, quietly, side by side… like pirates on a dark sea, they guided us, a little closer towards each other.

Don’t know where I’m going… but I’m on my way. 

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2 replies

  1. Your lead drew me right into your story. The images of the swaying hammock, bouncing flashlights, and the starry night put me right there with you. What a delightful piece with meaning tucked carefully in each selected word.

    Thank you for sharing,

  2. What can I say, I’m at a loss for words. You’re words have a way of jumping off the page and into my heart. You’re an artist my friend, pure and simple.

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