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What was said from couch to Bed

I nudge him. Breathing out heavy exhales of sleep, sprawled upon the front room couch

Come on, buddy. hey…hey…let’s go.


Let’s go, bud. Time to go upstairs. I got you.


I got you. Come on…this way…


I got you.


I got you.


Because, I love you.


Because, you’re the coolest.


Because, God made you that way.


Watch your step. I got you.


Because, God gave you to me to look after.


Because, I’m blessed.

(sleepy smile)

A kiss on the cheek. With a sigh he settles in, sprawls out and sinks into his bed to sleep.

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  1. I want to know – this whole time (which probably wasn’t very long) were you thinking about getting this down as a slice? I imagine that you were….or that after you got him to bed you fell into your own chair or bed laughing and thinking at that point that you had, had, had to write this down! Either way – I loved it 🙂 And, I’m going to thank you for your comments while I’m on here to make sure you see it. You are so thoughtful and kind with your comments 🙂

  2. Haha… As SOON as I said those last words and kissed him goodnight, I immediately knew I wanted to get the short, but sweet conversation written down and documented. 🙂 Yep. Just had to. And you’re very welcome!

  3. What a precious slice! I love that you continued to have a “deeper” conversation than just resorting to reasons why you were actually taking him to bed. I have a lot of lessons to be learned from you awesome moms. That kid must feel like a million bucks being reminded of just how special he is. Short yet shares a ton! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I thought you post could also be about a husband (maybe because I talk my husband from couch to bed quite often!) Anyway, I like the little bit of ambiguity. Sweet how just sleepy conversation tells so much.

  5. I concur with everyone else – very sweet! And a reminder of earlier days for me, when my little girl would crash so suddenly and deeply that it would always be a challenge to bring her to bed. She is a college sophomore now and still crashes suddenly on the couch, but now I kiss her goodnight and just let lay there thank you for this beautiful slice.

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