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Searching through my downloaded pictures for a recent classroom shot, I stopped in a dead halt. There it is.

There hangs the mirror.

The mirror that hung on my front room wall for all my years on 114 Campbell. The mirror I used to jump up on the cream couch to, just to glance at my own reflection. My four year old fingers studied the contours of that mirror with meticulous scrutiny many a days, with bright sun lights beaming upon my back through veiled draped blue curtains. Dusted its crevices countless Saturday mornings, the still smell of pine sol lingering in the air.  Danced in front of it unabashedly as a teen, whenever the solitary moment presented itself. Countless times, inspected my reflection one fleeting moment more, before dashing out the door.

Through purple Heathcliff corduroyed jumpers, merciless kid mullets and perms, braces and plaid Catholic uniform transitions year after year…This mirror has seen it all. The difficult finger prick pinning of many a boutonniere before the high school dance, gravity defying sprayed high curled bangs, black eye lined angst, combat boots and grandpa work man pants. This dear mirror has seen the fashion evolution and witnessed the commencement of many a life events.

And here they sit.

Staring at me, such recognizable smile lines. The contours of each of their faces so familiar. I never had the pleasure of gripping a warm hand or looking into their grinning eyes, sharing a laugh. These faces, my grandma Lauretta, buried in a bushel of her siblings. The funny remarks that were made in the moment as they huddled together forever muddled, but echo. Their laughter, piercing through the pixels of the depiction.

Staring back at me, I see the face of my Aunt Judy in my Great Aunt Laverne, my Uncle Jim in my great Uncle Bud, Aunt Jane in my great Aunt Elaine. Aunt Lauretta in my Grandma’s eyes. I recognize my Dad and Aunt Mary’s barrel over laugh in my Great Aunt Deene …uncanny resemblances… these reflections echo my past, and resonate my present and future days.

Years of kin, moments begun and memories spun, in the reflections of this dear mirror.

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