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Heat of the Moment

“It was the heat of the moment
Telling me what your heart meant
Heat of the moment shone in your eyes” – Asia

Gratitude personified with a giant push out the double swings doors with lap top slapping on my side,  I leap like an eight year old over the melting snow bank, hurdling over remnants of melting drift and smiling as the sloshing mud sprays my boots.

I hurry into my car, dusted with the remnants of winters’ grime, turn the key in the ignition, and peel out of the parking lot with bold rays of sun blasting through the salt scattered windows.

The excitement builds as I pick up speed, the hiss of the tires over the city streets, and the sun’s heat radiating on my cheek.  A familiar song rings through the speakers and I instinctively turn up the volume- way up- all the way up.

I push for the window to roll down- all the way down- allowing the surge of chilled air to rush through and I being to sing. With hair whipping wildly, I barely notice the fact that my finger tips are frozen gripping the wheel. I don’t feel my nose nor do I dare to notice the thermostat’s weather reading of 20 degrees.

The sun is SHINING, and I was in the heat of the moment.

Appreciation at its finest…why at the very first glimpse of spring sun we sport our shorts, slip on the flip flops, and roll with the windows all the way down. Ridiculous definitely, pretty absurd and I’m certain I looked like a genuine ass, but this bliss cant be beat.

Gratitude to the finest degree.

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  1. The gray of winter can push us out the door and into the “cold” sunshine. We need the vitamin D, even when the heat of the moment isn’t really hot! Wonderful juxtaposition.

  2. Love that song! and I can totally relate – being in the car, cranking the music up – and feeling a rush of thanks for being alive. Nice post.

  3. I know how well you can sail over those remnants of snow! There is something about the sun shining that just lifts you up and takes you away. Love this!

  4. I like the play on words – in the heat of the moment! I could picture you so clearly enjoying the hell out of the sun. Such a positive, fun tone filled with wonderfully descriptive words! Great slice!

  5. Oh Brighid, I am right there with you. Shorts, flip flops, open windows and sweet summertime tunes!! A little sunshine goes a very long way!!! Thanks for the awesome reminder of what we have to look forward to……:-)

  6. I can speak truth to this. You are spontaneous and live in the heat of most moments. I can see you doing all of this. It makes me laugh, imagery like your hair whipping and fingertips frozen and cold nose but then the end is so true. Nailed the feeling of the first shouts of spring.

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