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Last night one of the parting gifts of wisdom from my late night, TV binge, came signed sealed delivered from none other than the earnest lips of stoic Agent K, (aka Tommy Lee jones) imparted to his novice agent partner, Agent J (aka Freshly black suited Prince, Will Smith). In response as to why the government agency does not simply reveal the alien life forms that live amongst the public, Agent K stated, “A person is smart, people are stupid.”

cue gong.

Disclaimer: I am not calling anyone stupid, however, this particular declaration resonated when I opened up my laptop and came upon the, Breaking News!  article concerning one, Ms. Gwyneth Paltrow. Now, I follow celebrities. Love film. I have a disturbing amount of data stored on whom was married to whom, whom broke up with whom, cheated on whom, acted with whom, bore children with whom, received an unfortunate tattoo commemorating whom, etc. This particular information serves no functional purpose. None. I can discuss the drama with friends, I suppose? Eh. The affirmation comes to mind here: “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.”  Note, it doesn’t state only discusses, however, the idea does has a point.

So it has come to my attention via Facebook that recently Ms. Paltrow has been scorned for an assortment of comments which entailed a lack of empathy towards working mothers. Ahem. I am a working mother. It’s not easy. I get that grievance, but the comments I’ve seen in response to Paltrow’s remarks are more concerning.

Exhibit A: “Years ago, I used to like her. However, she loves to divulge her opinions on an assortment of topics that she’s not an expert on. To sum it up, I think that she’s become an a**hole!”

Exhibit B: “Ugh. She makes it really, really hard to like her.”

Exhibit C: “she sucks. i wanna punt her”

really? I mean, Really?

All I kept thinking as I was scrolling through the feed was who cares?  Why the hate-campaign? So she said she has it hard and admitted that the grass looks greener on the other side… the side where she could go home to her kids at night. yikes. No one’s ever done that before, wanted what they couldn’t have. please.

Yes, she makes millions, insert justified eye rolls, but aside from that, what has this woman done to deserve to be served up for scrupulous slander? Carnivorous comments biting, grinding, and chewing this woman to shreds without a moment’s hesitation. The ugly scapegoat parade is at play. People jump on this band wagon, because collectively, it feels good to stand for something, fight for something, believe in something… but jumping on someone’s case who you don’t even know? Isn’t that where it get’s a little weird? Who cares what they said? They don’t know you. Why are people taking this personally, as if Paltrow verbally assaulted them in the frozen food isle of Jewel or at their child’s soccer game? So you’ve denounced Paltrow. She’s no longer America’s Sweetheart. Puke on that anyhow. How imbecilic. Fine, now what? Jump in line for the next hate train?

Which brings me to the Biebs. Ah, Justin Bieber.  The hate train flat out steam rolled this kid. Send him to Canada!  We don’t want him!  I’m stunned at how mercilessly grown adults have slandered his name and character with such venomous disgust. So, you don’t agree with his clothes. who cares. He threw some fruit at a neighbor’s house. who cares. He speeds with his new flashy car. who cares. So, I think he may have been rumored to verbally assault a flight attendant? It’s not great, but the impassioned hatred directed towards this young man, especially by adults, is unsettling to say the least. He’s twenty. That’s right, I just googled it. Twenty. How are grown adults blind to this detail? What stupid things were you doing at age twenty? At nineteen? Eighteen?  Come on. We’ve all been there. Odds are if cameras were broadcasting your every move, you’d be up for media sacrificial slaughter, as well. I call foul. He’s a young kid, growing up. Cut him some slack already. Maybe growing up for him hasn’t been easy. We wouldn’t know. We weren’t there.

I can ignore the banter. Turn a blind eye to juvenile comments and harsh remarks, but I’m not going to lie, it shakes me up a little. It’s disturbing, even more so than Bieber’s sagging pants or Paltrow’s insensitive views. Far more unsettling are people participating in the mass hysteria, the blind hatred, the ugly frenzy.  Before people launch hateful comments out into the world about someone they don’t even know, they should probably take a moment to consider what those comments more accurately reveal about themselves, to the people that actually know them, in real life.

Reporting to you live with breaking news…This just in. You are, in fact, presenting yourself to be a bit of a raving, irrational lunatic. This has been a friendly public service announcement.

Keep it Classy, People.


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5 replies

  1. You have written words that I have thought MANY times before! Thank YOU for putting this into writing! It is pretty amazing this…group-think thing. It’s scary. Even though this is mostly about Hollywood stuff, I think this shows how easy it is for people to follow and spew hatred to anyone – anyone who is different from them. You called it here, Sneezy Knees – right on the head!!!

  2. “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.” These are really prolific statements that make me pause and think. There would be much less anger in the world if everyone just stopped to reflect on these words and think before speaking. Your pieces always make me think!

  3. Yes! It stuck! Okay ignore previous weirdo comment. Here goes actual comment: I love the MIB reference first an foremost. I think of all the quotes it’s M’s that sticks out. People are panics and whacked out too often. A person is calm and problem solving. I love Gwyneth. Seriously who cares. It’s not Jane Fonda bad mouthing the boys in uniform. Come on, move in! Your public service announcing and media crafting had me laughing the whole time. Just smartly said. Just like “keep it classy, people” as a send off. Awesome.

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