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Drop-Dead Hideous

I prefer the ugly side of beautiful.

The deconstructed erosion of lovely

mangled and tangled

with the corrupted ruin of regular.

a snide remark, an injection of sneer

stripped and naked, barren and stark

the break in the beat, the interlude of sudden pause

the endearing deserted ashtray, smoldering with stories spent

the decrepit elderly, alone and reminiscent with the perfumed stench of seared years. wrapped muted layers of love and being buried deep within the thin overlay of seasoned skin run with rivers of vein.

the desolate alleyway, littered with abandoned debris, empty livelihoods adrift in scatter, decorated with splashes of spray paint traces, tinting stone walls, roaring certainties with resolute conviction, faded layered undertones of flaked confirmation. I was here.

stunning cracked curves of fractured pavement erupted with scrabbles of crowded wildflower.

blackened trails of tales and soles passed by.

the elusive stranger, the child’s vacant gaze, the waning trace of laughter’s fade

I favor the vivacious and paradoxically fancy the fragile.

the bluntness of the brazen blowhard

the weight of compliance on the suffocated shoulders of the woman, bound by prayers of grace.

smeared smiles of innocence, twisted smirks of shame

the scenario behind the scraped knee, the battle scar bruise, the everlasting burn of the bite

the stone upturned and strewn.

I prefer the imperfect

ugly Beautiful

side of you.

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4 replies

  1. Your writing has such voice, so varied are your layers of meaning. The nightly reads are always a treat. My favorite line weight of compliance on the suffocated shoulders of the woman, bound by prayers of grace- spectacular, so thought provoking. It evokes the feeling of being stuck, internal conflicts right or wrong, judgment.

  2. I read t his last night and was bowled over by it. I think it’s my favorite poem of yours. It’s just has a strong depiction of unbridled honesty and enhancing reality with all the cruel ness the world has. People are molded by their faults and situations. Everyone has a dark story. I am a huge huge fan.

    I love so many line, the alley, the elderly, the bluntness. My favorite of the ashtray though. A line that ignites memories of the best and hardest kinds. Love this.

  3. “I prefer the ugly side of beautiful”……
    ” I prefer the imperfect ugly Beautiful side of you”

    This poem expresses your true character,and the very thing I find so endearing about you as a person. It shines through, whenever I see you in person, and it shines through here. This poem is not only a piece of art, but indicative of the beauty you possess. I feel fortunate to know you.


  4. So much to think about here. The stories lie beneath the surface…so intriguing. This is a poem that I could read over and over and find something new each time. Thought provoking and beautiful.

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