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Still Life

“I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, 
in secret, between the shadow and the soul.” 
– Pablo Neruda 100 Love Sonnets

Only a sliver of light is needed.

You crept in. Arriving unexpectedly, offering a softly lit smile.

Instantly our hands were laced and locked, distracting the whispers of an inner voice. Too soon

Slow down.

We haven’t followed script. We’ve improvised and drawn outside the lines.

Our picture speaks a thousand words

Fallen on our deaf ears

As we navigate our way through critics and cynics

With bold strokes and finely finessed detail

Lavished upon a set canvas, we stretch

Our complicated composition takes shape


There is love here.  

Heavy curtains

to be drawn. 

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6 replies

  1. I felt like you just offered us up a sneak peek of someone special to you. Something beautiful and not understood by all but precious still the same. The end where the curtains are drawn is the clincher for me. Act one and More to come.

  2. So much to be inferred from these words. Such well though out wording that flows so beautifully. “With bold…we stretch.” offers such a picture to me of a romantic engagement. Well written. You always come through. So professional in your writing Brighid. So much talent for writing!

  3. I love pieces like this that leave so much to interpretation and imagination….intrigue, romance….you need to write a book of poems I can keep on my night stand. Please?

  4. I love your writing from day one…to this day every single piece of writing you new and mind blowing…I have much respect for writing because of you…

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