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St. Patrick’s Day was our holiday of church and bag pipes. Freedom to run our course through the neighborhood, unchaperoned with high spirited abandon. A flood of green ambushes our South Side domain, as strangers pour in with shamrocks and red wagons, kelly green beads and flowing bows. Rails of spectators line the divided street, East and West. Emerald city reborn with echoes of drumlines and marching bands, children gaping through the steel rails, as the parade marches enthusiastically down our Western Avenue.

Green holds new meaning for me this St. Patrick’s Day. I am a novice at this. Our Day has been ambushed and been abridged to my day. With an unexpected, I’d rather go to the parade with dad, a flood of disappointment poured into the consciousness of my domain. Marching with the beat of a wounded heart, Oh. Ok, I understand. A sensation of sadness reborn as the realization of a family torn continues to play out, echoing in my mind. I sit wide eyed and surprised, with obligatory acceptance. Have fun, sweetie. I love you. To this, I will always be green; a rookie to the reality of the divided parenting parade.

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  1. Well written Brighid! What a picture you painted through your use of words. Such a fun occasion, showered in green, tradition…only to sour by the parental divide. I’m sad for you! I know you will get over it, I know it’s probably not the first nor the last, but I also know regardless, it will alway a hurt. Sorry Brighid! 😦

  2. Brighid – first of all, “the realization of a family torn” just hurt my heart. It’s like a realization you have to keep having. Ugh.
    Second of all, I can’t put my finger on what you did in this piece as a writer that I LOVE. But I do love it. The shift from the parade to the lonely holiday to the family torn – so subtle, yet powerful. The play on “green”. I really admire your work here, all the while my heart is hurting for you.

  3. This is such a beautifully written piece but I’m hung up on the italicized surrender that you’re making to keep the peace. How you suffer the green, now with a bit of envy. Such a contrast between the happy Kelly green you began with. So real and a real honest slice… I went to that parade this morning. I’m still thawing out and it sucked if that helps 🙂

  4. Wow! The depth of your writing never ceases to amaze me. I began thinking this would be about your day of celebration, only to have it take a sudden turn smack into the reality of life as it is for you now. You demonstrate at the end just how strong you are as a parent.

  5. This was beautiful and heart wrenching at the same time. “Obligatory acceptance” is one of the most difficult things we parents have to do….but we all, at one time or another are faced it, in one form or another. You my friend handled it so beautifully…but I am sorry for your pain. XOXO

  6. Reflectionary writing at it’s best! I feel for your pain, the change, the shifting in the atmosphere. It has given me pause- to stop and reflect myself….we shoulder a lot trying to make this parenting thing a success. This too shall pass.

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