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The winds dance

upheave moments

rattling in gusts, swinging sharp

shards of flashes

Not long forgotten

Upset the deep layers of the soil which lay

atop your tomb

Unearthed and spinning

Taken adrift through my mind

Swept up

Years of yesterday

Swirling hours of regret

Minute memories whisper

A smile

I remember you

A chill

Drifting in

The winds dance

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7 replies

  1. Oh Brighid. This piece hurts my heart and lifts it up at the same time. So few words to convey so many emotions. Powerfully somber yes, but necessary to put down in words.

  2. Your words are deeply moving. Your spacing of words throughout your poem is another way to speak to me as the reader and help me experience the mood and breathless nature of your topic. Thank you for sharing.

  3. This is how the inside of your brain looks poured out through your words so beautiful, poetic, colorfully descriptive and unique. This poem leaves me with the sense of being sad and unsettled. i love it. It’s the sadness that needed words assigned to it to let it escape.

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