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I’m curious what your truth is. I’d like to shake hands with her and make introductions.

How does your truth differ than mine? What disguise does she wear? How does she wear her hair?

How does your filter affect the incredibly elusive, “truth?”

Which lens do you prefer to magnify her?

Does truth whisper a different version in your ear? Compose a different show?

Does the same truth lay buried deep, running through the rivers of our crimson veins?

Do you know the truth that sleeps in my heart? Does she dream the same visions as you?

With kaleidoscope spectacles, her light shines through diffracted lenses with vast arrays of colors.

Shining rays upon objects of our choosing.

What does your truth illuminate?

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3 replies

  1. Funny- that really was the question that lingered in my head as I wrote this. I’d like to say yes.. but due to the vast array of personal perspectives (or lenses) whatever that, “absolute truth,” is gets pretty muddled. Doesn’t it all become relative in a sense? So the question remains … This may be too heavy for a Friday night.. 🙂 … but it’s just what popped up first on my mind! Thank you for reading. Hope you have a great weekend too!

  2. Was this because of my selfie demonstration? I love this. Our truths are embedded here on these pages. You have a way with color that is so vivid in your writing. It’s a spectrum of adjectives with you. 🙂

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