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 A dream deferred

Bee Bop a Shoo Wop,

We teach it like it’s a noun or a verb

Oh did you hear? There was slavery here.

Eyebrows raised

Oh reeeeealy? That’s absurd. And now let’s color within the lines and carry on.

And oh did you hear? There were 16 homicides last weekend on Chi’s Southside.

Lips pucker

Oh reeeeeealy? That IS too bad. So sad. And now let’s get back to wiping the ice cream off Suzie’s chin. You silly girl.

Oh did you hear? A 7 and 5 year old were shot last weekend.


Oh nooooooo.  I think I HEARD somethin bout that. Arrg. Where are my keys?

Oh, hey.  Did you hear? It was a Saturday morning in the park the five year old he didn’t make it his 31 year old mom she died too the boy who is 7 he’s in the ICU. He’ll probably pull through.

Tilts head solemnly

Oh reeeeeealy? Well, thank goodness.

Oh, yes. Did you hear? June ended this year with 43 homicides, down from 47 homicides in June 2012.

Furrowed brow

Really? Well. Wow.  That’s an improvement. What IS this stain on my shirt. Lol.

Did you hear? 21 homicides in July, so far. So far. 200+ but down from last year

Did you hear?

“I agree with Dante, that the hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in a period of moral crisis, maintain their neutrality”  MLK










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3 replies

  1. This one hit me in my gut. I feel like I was watching through a window listening in on this conversation in middle America. Why do we react this way to one person after another being murdered? It’s like a third world country that just gets used to killing as an every-day occurance. Your piece has me asking WHY?

  2. Did they post a pic of North West yet because that’s all the news I’ve been hearing… This is truth like how most of everyone digests the violent ways of our city and then just repeats and repeats… wait, unless Rahm is performing these acts. Then you’ve got a different story… Lots of gang funerals running through the south side – hide your kids, lock your doors, turn your blind eye to the dirty reality of the other south side!

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