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Do you remember how excited you were about your favorite color as a kid? You owned that color like you invented it yourself. Someone would ask me, and I would confidently and boldly proclaim, “Blue. The dark kind.”

Do you remember the excitement of waking up on your birthday? On a holiday morning? Summer break? Your first sleepover? The thrill of changing into your play clothes after school and dashing out the front door over to a friend’s house, ringing their bell as you caught your breath?

Too often my days are defined by my schedule. Monday- Friday work. Monday faculty meeting, allergy shots for my son, religion school at 5:30. Tuesday vision therapy, Wednesday night Grad class, Thursday vision therapy, weekends, swim lessons, soccer practices, games. Sprinkled in between…schools concerts, wedding showers, baptisms, birthday parties. What day is it? Oh it’s Thursday. The day I have to do A. B. C. & D.

I awoke this morning at 8:30 and viewed the above conversation between Pooh and Piglet.

“What day is it?”

“It’s Today.”

“My favorite day.”

I read it and smiled. Funny, it stayed with me throughout the day’s events. Getting up and out early.. visiting loved ones, catching up on an episode of “Spartacus,” drinking my hazelnut coffee and eating my bagel, playing an impromptu game of charades, riding my 24 year old brother’s long board down the curvy, sloped street in front of my parent’s house, playing catch with a football with my brothers, laughing with my mom, taking pictures, watching the swans, turtles, and the irritable geese. Taking a trip to Whole Foods and completely over indulging in super healthy foods that make happy, cooking salmon with mango salsa and taking in the glow of the tangerine sunset. The air is fresh. I ran, played, and laughed today.

Granted, I could not do all of this EVERY DAY…. But I would like to become more mindful to acknowledge each day for the seconds, minutes, and hours provided. I want to harness the excitement I had for life as a child more often as an adult. “Today,” is the only day we can be accountable for. Yesterdays no longer exist and Tomorrows are not promised. I’d like to see each day as an opportunity for anything and everything, with infinite possibilities.

I think anytime anyone asks me what day it is, I will think of Pooh and Piglet.

It’s Today, and Today’s got me smiling.

Oh YES. My favorite day.

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  1. Brighid – I needed your post today. And every day. I am such a task-oriented person, always with a To-Do list. Always. Today, I said, “Suck it, To-Do list” and I played all day long with my kids. We had so much fun. Sounds like you did, too.
    Today…. my favorite day.

  2. Oh Yea!! I sometimes hate to plan or to be planed. To-do lists don’t let you have fun. You sometimes NEED to tear that to-do list up and throw it in the dump. I do. It’s worth it. 😉

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