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 Slice of Life 26:

Well Hello. Good to see you.

Yes. Great to be seen. What has it been? Four years since you had that pathetic excuse for a, “journal?”

Oh come on now. We’ve had plenty of run-ins. In my classroom, the letters to family, emails, Facebook messages…

Facebook? Don’t insult me.

Grad papers don’t count? Twenty five page papers don’t count for anything? Please. Don’t insult me.  A lot of time and thought went into those.

How much of you went in to those?

Uh. Well. I am the one initiating the thought, right? There are plenty of papers I’ve been proud of.

You know what I mean. But, fine, I’ll give you that one.

Ahem. It is good to see you again.

I’m a little hurt that I’m not seen more often. But thank you. It is good to be seen. To be read. To be shared.

Hmmm. That’s funny you did that.

Did what?

That. That whole.. “To be read. To be shared. To be…” nonsense. I’ve been noticing that about you. You’re big on that. The short fragmented sentence, repetitious thing, often repeating the same sentiment 34 different ways for dramatic effect thing.  

My thing? It’s your thing. Make up your mind already.

I do. And then you just continue to describe, as if the reader doesn’t get it the first time.

Fine. I’ll stop. Turning my shoulder slightly and glancing towards the door.

Haha.. What was that?


That! The italicized staging dramatics. Hahaha. Was that really necessary? Are you threatening me to leave?

No. No I wouldn’t do that.

Thank you. Smiling slightly.

It’s contagious, no?

I guess so. You look good.

I’ve been working out. Been on a strict, disciplined workout routine for the past 26 days. Thank you for noticing. blushing

Haha.  Is that so? It suits you.

Are you flirting with me?

Stop it. That’s beyond psychologically creepy. Really.

You started it. Batting eyelashes. Alright alright, fine. I’ll stop. You know, people are going to see this right? You appear slightly delusional.

Yes. I recognize that.

I’m proud of you. Say it loud say it proud, “I’m not embarrassed for the world to be introduced to my writing!”… “Even if it sort of stinks!”… “Read it and weep!” …“Hell no, we won’t go!”

You can’t swear. Knock it off. 

You’re taking risks.

And, Read it and weep? 


Alright look. This has been a slightly awkward, most likely regrettable conversation, it’s kitschy, and somewhat painful really, but, that aside and in all honesty, it’s been so great seeing your face again.

Good. Frame it. Keep it on the end table next to the standing lamp in the front room. Dust it often. Promise we won’t just see glimpses of each other in Grad papers and emails. And a heads up?  I won’t even acknowledge you in your Facebook messages so don’t be offended when I pretend I don’t know you or give you the finger.

I’ll see you tomorrow. I promise.

And what happens 5 days from now? Eyes appear glossy.

Oh God. rolling eyes. Do you need a tissue? I’ll continue to take you to the gym. We’ll work out. I promise you. I won’t allow you to get dusty, or frail, or to lose all that fantastic muscle and tone.

Don’t forget me. Never let go.

Really? Are we Jack and Rose right now? What’s with the never let go? Who says that?  I promise. Come on seriously, enough with the hysterics. You’re causing me to annoy myself right now.

You said it. I just go with the flow. But…Thank you.

And, how exactly do we say goodbye now? Here? Oh.  Yes of course. I see.

Crickets…. crickets….crickets…

Shhhh.. No, not even that. We’re ending this piece now. Walk the other way.


Yes, now.

But not for long.

Shhhh….  No, not for long. Just for today. I’ll be seeing you later.


Always the last word, huh?

                You know it.


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10 replies

  1. I can’t even BEGIN to list all that I love about this piece. It is so fresh and unexpected. I found myself hanging on every word of this flippant and yet endearing convo with self.

  2. This piece is FABULOUS!! You are such a brilliant writer and are so talented!! I always look forward to your blogs!! I hope you keep this up after the challenge, you are amazing!!

  3. This is awesome!!!! I know i say this, (or at least think it) all the time…but I cannot express it enough……you’re talent and creativity amaze me…..I am so excited to know you, and excited to be part of such an amazing community of writers…..Thank you for always being an inspiration to me….I am so fortunate to be taking this journey with you…..:-)

  4. Brighid!!!! How did you ever think of this? It’s so great and so funny and so creative and I think it’s just fantastic. Damn, I wish I wrote this one.

  5. I had a great time reading this, and then I read it again. After this comment, I think I’ll read it a third time. Such fun!

  6. I am so grateful that I decided to look into the “archives” tonight! If I hadn’t I would have missed this one and that would have been MY LOSS. So clever. So smart. So brilliant. So, so, so great. It’s been a great month 🙂

  7. Hilarious! How in the world did you get anything done in the past month? For real. I’m now subscribed to Brighid in print, although I adore Mrs. Kitchen in person, Brighid in print is uncensored entirely. No little ears to overhear the ever entertaining internal conflict I’ve had the priviledge of reading.

    The Facebook messages meant something to me. Gasp. I feel used.

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