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Slice of Life 18:


what is smog like

smog is a steamed breeze a locker room vapor

moisture in the air microscopic droplets clinging to your lashes

 smog looks like exhaust a hazy cloud an ashen veil draped

 overhead clouding spaces in between and through

 smog is pureed  cauliflower diced parsnip with a side of seltzer

Smells of a damp cloth dank cellar the underside of a steely rock  

the static of television a running faucet fixed and stagnant numbing

an ashen cloak stirring Earth aromas carries fragrant smells of clammy soil  

mysterious elusive whispering secrets

intangibly fleeting


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4 replies

  1. I adore the imagery and detail! I may have to steal this as a writing model for my juniors, if I may. 🙂

  2. love the format. very crafty. i have lots of favorite phrases from this one – such brilliant word choice.

    smog is pureed cauliflower diced parsnip with a side of seltzer???? where do you think of this, brighid??? lol

  3. I plan to share with my daughter – we were just talking about the LA smog – on her hike this week in Griffith Park – she actually got above it a little!

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