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A Perfect Date

Slice of Life 15:

Some ladies yearn for the dim, candlelit dinner… hushed voices, coy smiles, a glass of Pinot, a Filet Mignon. The flattering revelation of long stem roses… The little black dress, the lakeside breeze. The handsome gentleman swooning.

This lady,


will take an impromptu visit to Hearty Café,

cheers to the doctor’s appointment

the disruption of the Friday morning routine…

with a handsome, 9 year old gentleman, who orders hash browns and turkey sausage, eats his toast and reaches for mine. A tall glass of chocolate milk and a grateful smile- a mile wide. Assuring me I’m the “best mom in the world.”


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8 replies

  1. These posts about moms and their little guys makes me want a boy! So sweet. I love the joy found in a disruption. Something so simple, yet so lasting for each of you.

  2. I hope to have little “dates” with my boy one day! It’s funny how your life changes when you have a baby. You don’t care so much about those fancy dates with your husband, you also want to spend time with your boy!

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