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Sun Dance

Slice of Life 13:

I’m sitting. Annoyed, frustrated. Tangled and uptight from my list of errands. So consumed by the anxiety that I can’t allow the slightest muscle to relax, even as I just sit. Wound and tense.

I look up. There’s solace in the rays of light. They gleam and blare magnificent sunshine through every opportune crevice as I look up through my house. Down the stairwell the glimmer plummets. Bursting through the window above the sink. Illuminating the kitchen with a burning glow. My French doors could vaguely pass for the gates of heaven with the flood of blinding, bleached beams shining through. Pillars of radiance dance off the steely walls of the front room. Practically punching me in my sullen face.

Then someone must have hit the switch. The dull veil draped once more. The house dims.

This spectacle nudges me a little. Just a little. It seems the sun really put on a show to impress me in my moment of gloom…really flexed his muscles, strut his stuff. In the most decisively egotistical way, I believe this to be true. Oh little sun, how cute.

Fine fine fine fine fine. You’re right sun. I should shut up. I should just get up.

So I do. I stand and carry on. Because I have to. On in the sun and on in the dark. Maybe still annoyed, slightly anxious, tangled for sure…but I’m smiling because I believe the sun just did a little soft shoe tap dance in my honor. And it’s just enough for now.

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  1. Oh how I love the the sun flexes his muscles, and struts his stuff……I know the feeling……The sun can prove to be one of our very best friends….glad he was there for you today……

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