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Golden Heroine

Slice of Life 11:

A thin band of gold wraps around my pinkie finger, marked with a Cursive “B”
A gift
Set to remind me of a modest, hardworking woman
Whom bore four children, worked three jobs,
Known to all as, “Ma”
A big woman, tall and stout, short dark hair, her bangs humbly gathered over to one side
Fingernails cut to the rind, coarse hands
Her pale skin, absent from even the slightest hint of makeup
The heroine unsung;
She wore her wedding ring for over a decade after he left her,
Wrapped around her finger when she was laid to rest at 54,
He never even came.
The thin band of gold wrapped around my finger
Reminds me of a big woman, who held me in her arms when I was a baby,
Whispered words of love,
Taught me through example the meaning of
She died when I was one year.
I don’t recall her voice, her smell, her habits
I don’t know what her house felt like, her food tasted like, or how she liked her coffee.
Her smile; humble, honest, bright
frozen in faded photographs
Through her actions, her sacrifices, her faith
She has guided me; a beacon of light, a pillar of strength
In my bed I have cried tears and she has comforted me;
At her gravestone, On the grass I have sat, sipping coffee, divulging my secrets
Wrapped around my finger a thin band of gold
Set to remind me of a woman with remarkable strength.
Whispering echoes to Live, to Love, to Laugh
My Heroine
My Grandma

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10 replies

  1. How lovely. She must have been quite a woman to have made such a positive impression on you…even when you were one when she died. I am so glad you have her ring…a connection you will always have…but it seems your connection is more innate. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Jackie

  2. Brighid, this is a beautiful tribute to your grandma. I love how you used the ring to anchor the piece. I saw someone else do this, too…. Crystal, maybe? Anyway, I want to try it. Also, the line “In my bed I have cried tears and she has comforted me” really struck me. It’s comforting, yet kind of haunting. I likey.

  3. You’ve captured so much description in just a few lines. What a comfort it must be reread your lines and remember her.

  4. I loved all of your descriptions. Even though you barely knew her you were really able to capture everything that I imagine she was about. My favorite part was her bangs being “humbly gathered over to one side.”

  5. This is beautiful. The shock of “She died when I was one year,” is so strong for me. It’s clear how alive she is in your heart, that line was so unexpected. Lovely writing!

  6. Three times I had to stop reading, walk away, catch my breath and dry my tears. It didn’t take me long to realize who you were writing about… maybe the third sentence? As I sit here emotions are over flowing scattered throughout my mind and to be honest, into my stomach as well, reminiscing of those loving years, cut short at the age of 54. Strange how I realize far too late how very much she meant to me. Although we were best friends throughout my life after she left I found myself harboring many regrets reflecting on past “should of” moments. Your name in Irish Celtic, meaning “strength”….it was she who found it in a book. She loved that you were born on the same day as her Mom. Brighid, this is BEAUTIFUL, without a doubt the BEST piece I have ever read. What a Lovely tribute to her that I will forever cherish. I love you babygirl, mom xo

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