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Slice of Life 8:

Diddly ding, Diddly ding.

I said this today. This morning I was beckoning for Michael to grab his things and in an attempt to alert him of the urgency to get out the door I spoke the words…just as I slung my lap top onto my shoulder and was busily looking for my keys under the magazines which littered the dining room table.

It came so natural. Diddly ding, Diddly ding…

It escaped my mouth like a sly fugitive… Not unlike Harrison Ford’s character, Dr. Richard Kimble, in, “The Fugitive.” Only, unlike Dr. Richard Kimble’s earnest objective to merely prove his innocence after falsely being accused of involvement in the murder of his wife, for me, this phrase, Diddly ding. Diddly ding, served to prove only one thing…

I am, in fact, slowly morphing into my mother.

Next up, I will be saying, Sha-zam.

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8 replies

  1. Oh, how I look forward to your slices each day, Brighid!! I really needed this laugh today. It happens to me, too. Sometimes I open my mouth, and my mom comes out <<<—— I just that on FB recently. So funny. I love how the words came out "like a sly fugitive". Love, love, love.

  2. This is so funny. Isn’t great how we say something and then stop and think “Oh my gosh I sounded like my mother!” Hahah! Thank you for the post!

  3. There is no other word for this slice but “love”….:-) I can’t help but smile….. My sister, my daughter, my son…..they all tease me sounding just like my dad…..Just think, one of these days our children will sound just like us:-))

  4. You know it! haha.. Head em up, move em out! <— That's another recent fan favorite of mine. I even say it while my students are lining up. 🙂 oh. It's happening.

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