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Slice of Life 7:
I may have missed a calling in my life….

Stand up students. Alright. Just behind your desk now. Let’s continue to be considerate to the other sixth grade classrooms whom may have already begun to test. Let your arms dangle at your slides. Nice and loose. Shake it out.

Yes now let’s tilt our head to the sides. Ok now take it on a roll. No don’t look around to the others’ in the classroom. Don’t be that kid. OK yes now take it on the roll to the other side. All the way around now. Feel the muscles stretch. And again to the left.

Now raise your hands- reach for the sky. Stretch and reach. Let’s tilt to the left. Feel the muscles stretch all down your side. Now take it back up. Oh feel the stretch. Hold it. Now back up. Let’s try that again…

Now let’s try a little downward dog. OK drop at the waist. Let your torso hang. Feel the stretch in your lower lumbar. Release the pent up stress in your neck and back- the tightness- Let it slide out.

Now let’s do the shoulder roll. No T- not the Harlem Shake. Let’s take our shoulders- roll them forward. Good. Now let’s reverse. Roll them to the back. Shake it out. Awesome. Now on the count of three we are going to try and touch the tops of our shoulders to our ears. Ready? 3..2…1 Touch.

Now hold it. Now look to the person next to you and wave. Yes. We all look strange. A little like Frankenstein. Ok now keep holding. Now when I count down from three we will let our shoulders drop like sacks of potatoes. Ready? 3…2…1. Release!

Ahh. Feels good right? OK now double point to someone next to you and tell them how awesome they are and how amazing they are going to do. Shake it out one more time and then bring it back in and settle into your seats.

…..Or I may have just gotten completely carried away. Probably the latter. Either way, they went with it. I know I’m feeling extra invigorated, relaxed, and less stressed. Hopefully they feel the same. 

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6 replies

  1. i loved reading this piece because through your descriptions i could truly visualize your students stretching, etc.
    and why not stop and stretch after a long time of testing… don’t we all need to do that every once in a while?

  2. I think what you did was wonderful! They are all stressed and taking a longer amount of time to relax, and even feel a little silly was probably just what they needed to loosen up! We had a snow day so we’re still testing tomorrow…I think I might do a little of that with my kids 🙂 Thanks! 🙂

  3. How I wish I had a teacher like you when I was testing!! Great idea, and great slice:-) Can’t wait to see what you have planned for the kids tomorrow……

  4. I hear the gym is looking for an aerobic instructor on weekends, want to apply? 🙂 I’m sure this was just what the kids (and you) needed.

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