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Big Green Quitter

Slice of Life 3:

My plant is dying, and frankly, I’m sick of its poor me attitude. The three little ones are fighters, but the big guy, it seems, has just given up on life. How can you save someone who doesn’t want to save themself? I‘ve tried really hard to be there for him. I’ve given him water. I open the blinds so he can soak in the sun. I take a rag and delicately dust off each leaf. Still… Look at him… he makes a mockery of my efforts and love with each amber leave that dejectedly drifts to the ground. Often I raise an eyebrow… and grimace- sometimes in sympathy, more often now in disgust. I’ve tried talking to him, whisper words of encouragement… But I simply refuse to pity him and I’m not playing his mind games anymore. You want sympathy? To be the poor, lanky, neglected plant all alone in the corner? Oh Boohoo. Look around you sissy… There are plants a quarter your size, with hearts of gold, putting up the good fight. I’m no longer playing the scapegoat for your self-loathing surrender. If you want to give up, quitter, then go ahead. YES. Your apathetic resignation to life breaks my heart, but it’s time for some tough love.

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  1. Poor poor plant-I saw plant experiments with 4th graders before…they talked nicely to some and badly to others-the ones they talked badly too wilted and died…really! What will happen to your plant friend? Are you going to give up?

  2. No way. I’m just tired of feeling guilty so I decided to turn the tables and put a little of the focus and blame on his own lack of will to live. Haha.. I’m not trash talking to it.

  3. This was a great piece of personification. Responsibility – it is a layered word. Yet it is frustrating when someone/or something else looks to us to do all the work. To fix them. I wonder how often I have expected others to fix me. When I have given up on myself and just waited for my knight in shining armor to come rescue me!

    I am glad to see more novels and stories about strong girls and women who rescue themselves. I wish I had magic dust to sprinkle on your plant to make him a fighter.

  4. I loved every word of this. It made me LOL! I even had to read it to a friend out loud. I especially loved the part about the other plants that are a quarter of his siz with hearts of gold. So funny! What a cool piece to use with your students about “internal struggle”?!

  5. Your choice of words is thought provoking… flows like a river..i am partucularly amused by the personification… resulting into reflection of how we hold ourselves together in the face of a dversity…he(the plant) has been a fighter…thats why he has not withered yet… am made to believe he has dreams to bloom…to fulfill his purpose…thank you for sharing!!!!

  6. This piece is so creative and well written. I love the way you were able to stir up so much thought and emotion using a house plant. …..I hope “he” gains the inspiration he needs to give up his defeatist attitude and finds the strength to fight…..perhaps being the topic of your blog will give him a new lease on life – Be sure to tell him:-))

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